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Anonymous said: what are your fetishes?

sports gear for an easy start!

for a great guy with a sneaker and sock fetish

for a great guy with a sneaker and sock fetish

Anonymous said: What size suits do you wear?

40L jacket, 31x34 pant

Anonymous said: what's an otter?

Urban dictionary is probably a good start. To me an otter is average to smallish fuzzy guy who has a playful and friendly demeanor.

Anonymous said: Are you still into otters? Because I'm not intimidated by your fitness? ;)

Otters can be super fun, they make the best bottoms IMO because they are nimble and easy to toss around in bed :D

Anonymous said: In your diet plan, you list carbs but never specify. What carbs to you usually turn to and which do you avoid?

I guess I don’t get too picky- sometimes clean stuff like quinoa, brown rice, oatmeal and other times junk food like donuts, chips, candy. I don’t eat a whole lot of sugary things or super salty munchies, it gives me a headache. Lately I’ve been lucky to have lots of great produce so there’s been unintentional cutting because I just want to eat meat and fresh veggies.

Leg obsession goes into month three. Surprised to be getting more results than expected. There’s hope to guys with “tall guy skinny leg syndrome”! Tonight did a pyramid of squats up to 280lbs then ended with a drop set 280-230-140. Did 4x10 of leg press then finished with 4x25 of squats holding a 45lb plate. The method I am using to try and gain mass/definition is 1) shock the muscle by scaling up to a heavy weight 2) get a good pump with a medium weight exercise with short rest periods 3) end with a serious burn doing a high rep exercise with very little rest

Leg obsession is really paying off!! My max squat has nearly doubled in 4 months and I feel way more in balance. Calfs are still a bitch but I feel like my thighs are about 80% of where I want them to be in balance with my arms. I have been doing leg workouts 2-3 times a week using a routine that first ramps to a heavy weight squat or press, then a moderate weight lunge or press to failure, then a light or body weight squat max reps (so basically first shock the muscle, then get a pump, then push it’s endurance). They say only stretch after your workout but I always do at least some light stretching before too

Anonymous said: Dude, just discovered your blog and now i'm not sure how i lived without it! As a tall guy who's body wants to be skinny it's really great motivation to see someone with your body type achieving our goals so consistently. i'm making really good progress but i can always use good inspiration. its tough always comparing myself to these 5'8 guys. and as a gay guy well... let's just say i appreciate the jock shots. wish i could thank you in person...

Love seeing messages like this. There is hope for all the tall skinny guys! Glad I can help inspire because the team keeps me inspired and accountable to not make excuses just to show results!